Hacker Simulator typer tricks websites | Prank website for fake typing

5 Hacker Simulator websites

How to look like a hacker : Friends, today we are sharing few websites URL which works as hacker typer or hacker simulator. Hacker typer websites are amazing tricky websites which can help to prank or fool your friends and others. When you use these websites it give a impression that you are a hacker or programmer and you are typing or coding very fast.

While using any of them and people see you, they will think that you are a hacker or programmer with good computer skills. To check how it work, open any of these websites and start typing anything. Once you start typing something or hitting any keys on keyboard, website will show some predefined code. Based on website design, they might show access denied, permission granted message when you hit ENTER or double tap caps Lock. You can remove access denied message by pressing ESC key. 

Hacker Simulator typer tricks websites

Hacker Simulator typer tricks websites

Actually these sites made with the intention of a practical JOKE or prank. 

  1. http://hackertyper.com/
  2. http://hackertyper.net/
  3. http://geektyper.com/
  4. http://fediafedia.com/neo/scp/
  5. http://thepierealm.coffeecup.com/hackerTyper/

Note : Here is warning when using these websites. Our website is not responsible for any trouble when visiting these websites. Whatever you see on the website is not real and they do not store anything which you type on websites. 

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