10 Most useful windows 10 Keyboard shortcut you should know

10 Most useful windows 10 shortcut keys list

Windows 10 has many shortcuts and earlier we have written a post where we mentioned all the shortcuts but we are getting many request where users want to know most popular and useful shortcuts of windows 10. We are trying to list few shortcuts which are very important for the computers users. List of shortcuts mentioned in this post can help you to solve your problems and will definitely save your time – 

windows 10 shortcut keys list

Windows Key – Open or close start menu 

Windows key + M or D – Minimize all the open applications on Windows 10

Windows key + K – Search and connect to wireless devices 

Windows Key + C – To activate Cortana

Ctrl + Shift + Esc –  To open task manager 

Windows key + I – Open windows settings options

Windows key + L –  To lock your Computer

Alt + Tab –  Switch between open applications 

Windows key + X + U + R – Quick Restart 

Windows key + X + U + U – Quick Shutdown

Windows key + S – Open Search 

Windows key + Ctrl + D – Create New Virtual Desktop

Window key + R – To open “run” dialog box 

Windows + E – Open file explorer

windows + F – Quickly Open search bar for searching files and settings

Alt + F4 : Close open program 

Window key + Print Screen – To take a screenshot of current desktop 

Let us know if we are missing any other useful shortcut. 

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