What is Antivirus Software? Describe uses and features of anti virus software

What is Antivirus Software?

The antivirus program is a software utility or software program that protects computer systems and networks from computer viruses. With the help of antivirus software, the computer can be protected against viruses or any other malware infections. Antivirus detects the computer system’s virus software and removes it from the computer. Here the malware we are talking about is similar to the virus, which is used to hack the computer system or to steal the information. When the installed anti-virus software detects a virus on the computer system, it gives you a warning message that you want to remove it, don’t want to perform any action or want to move it into the vault. This operation performs as per the options you choose. Click here to read in Hindi –  what is antivirus

what is anti virus software

what is anti virus software

The use of antivirus: As the name suggests, it protect from virus, which means anti-virus works to detect, stop or delete viruses. Anti-virus software was designed to detect and remove viruses from computer devices. Today, the work of an anti-virus is not limited to detect and removes viruses but also to protect from any other risky software and files. New anti-virus software offering many other security functionality so to safe computer users from any unknown risks. That’s why now an anti-virus is used not only from viruses but also to protect against hackers.

An Anti Virus works with different types of computer threats and protects your computer system in many ways, such as malicious browser helper objects, ransomware, key-loggers software, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms, adware and spyware etc. All these terms are considered as risky for computer software and a good anti-virus software is expected to keep the computer safe from all these hazards.

Why is an anti-virus software necessary on a computer: It has been seen many times that many computer users are not serious about installing antivirus software on their computers and use their computers without anti-virus software. The result is that many problems arise on their computer such as slowing down of the computer, hanging on a computer, behave computer in strange way, not having computer programs open, or some other unknown problems.

There can be any reason for these problems, but there is also a lot of chances that these problems are due to a virus. Mostly, those computers have a virus risk, which remains in contact with the Internet, share a common network, use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB drive.

No virus can come automatically in the computer as long as the computer does not connect to anyone outside machine or devices. That’s why if your computer accesses the network or the other content in any way, then it is important to have antivirus software on the computer system.

How Free and Paid Antivirus Software Works: In today’s date, many anti-virus software is available in the free antivirus software market, which you can install after downloading free, although free antivirus software usage is not recommended as they are not completely secure and can not catch lots of latest viruses, malware, worm, and spyware. Free antivirus software offer very basic features and they don’t protect your computer completely. It is said that the free antivirus software uses the signature-based detection technique to search the virus on your computer, in which only the virus or malware is detected on the computer that the virus or malware pattern is already identified. While Paid Antivirus software uses heuristics techniques (guessing methods with research) with signature-based detection technique, any new virus or threat can be identified with their genetic signature. With this, the behavioral technique is also used to identify the virus on the computer, in which the virus is detected as per the behavior of the file on the computer.

Antivirus Software features –

  • Real-Time Scanning
  • On Access Scanning
  • On-Demand Scanning
  • Full System Scans
  • Auto clean
  • Automatic Updates
  • Mail protection

After purchasing and installing any antivirus software, you should keep updating that antivirus software after every few days because new viruses develop in every few days. Antivirus company keeps updating software to fight new viruses and malware. Set featured image


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