15 Most important Ruby on Rails Interview Questions for freshers

Ruby on rails programming language interview questions

Basic Ruby on Rails Interview Questions : Here is the list of frequently asked Basic Ruby on rails interview questions for freshers – 

ruby on rails interview questions

ruby on rails interview questions

  1. What is Ruby Programming Language?
  2. Who developed Ruby?
  3. Features of Ruby language?
  4. What are the different Ruby Editors?
  5. Is Ruby flexible language? If yes, then why it is known as flexible?
  6. Name few operators used in Ruby?
  7. What are the Ruby variable?
  8. Name three levels of access control for Ruby methods?
  9. Difference between single quotes and double quotes string in Ruby?
  10. Explain different Ruby data types?
  11. Explain break statement in Ruby?
  12. how will you comment in Ruby?
  13. What is the use of Super?
  14. How can we declare a block in Ruby?
  15. What is the difference between NIL and FALSE in Ruby?


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