New Local Drive E with low disk space created after Windows Patch update

Problems Caused by April 2018 Windows 10 Updates

Question : I am using windows 10 operating system. Yesterday, i checked for new windows 10 updates and found that few updates are due on my machine. So i updated them and all installed smoothly but after machine restart, i noticed that my PC has new drive E: and it is annoying me with warning message low disk space. I don’t know what is this and how to avoid this. Please help? 

Answer : Many users are seeing this new drive after applying windows updates. This is the recovery drive created at the time of windows updates. It should not have a drive letter. Lets remove it – 

after windows patch e drive created on my pc

After windows patch E drive created on my machine

1. On you windows machine, click your Start Button – > type cmd – > right click command prompt – > choose ‘Run as Administrator’ 

windows 10 update problems 2018

windows 10 update problems 2018

2. On the command prompt, type diskpart command and hit Enter. 

  • Type – list volume and write down drive letter associated with that new drive (which you want to remove)
  • Now, run below command one by one (Use drive which you want to remove in place of Z) —
    a) select volume Z
    b) remove letter=Z 
  • This will remove drive from your machine. Now you can restart your PC and check. 

You can see below picture to refer above commands. In the pic we have removed E drive from machine which was giving low disk error.

how to remove low disk space windows 10 recovery drive after windows update

Low disk space windows 10 recovery drive after windows update

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