What is imei number in mobile phone How to find my mobile IMEI number

How do i locate the IMEI of my Mobile device

What is IMEI Number : The full form of IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity. This number is given to every cellular device which gives them a unique identity in the global network. This number is a 15 digit unique code and there can be never same IMEI number for two cellular devices. Like all computers which are connected to the internet need a specific IP address to be identified on the internet likewise all mobile devices need a number through which cellular services can identify the device. If a mobile uses any technology like GSM, WCDMA or IDEN it can be easily traced with the help of IMEI number. Also, some satellite phones are also provided with an IMEI number. Each mobile phone has an IMEI number but if a mobile phone has a dual sim slot then it has two IMEI numbers. 
Locate IMEI Number

IMEI Number

IMEI Number Format – With the help of IMEI number lost and stolen mobile phones can be found. IMEI number is of total 15 digits. The first 14 digits are strings and the last 15th digit is used to verify this 14 string. Since the year 2004, the IMEI format has been like  XX-YYYYYY-ZZZZZZ-A  where X and Y part is called type allocation code. The TAC part is used to identify the model and device manufacturer. Some Mobile Tac are as under – 

  • Samsung – Galaxy S3 – 35-316605
  • Google – Nexus 4 – 35-391805
  • Google-Pixel-35-161508
  • Apple-iPone6S-35-325807
Importance of IMEI Number – 
  • This number helps to identify each device uniquely globally. 
  • No company starts the network on the mobile until it has IMEI number on it. To start a mobile connection- Sim card number and IMEI number are required. Sim number identifies your account in the mobile company whereas the IMEI number identifies your device’s identity. 
  • If your device gets stolen or lost you can tell your IMEI number to your provider and your device can be traced. 
  • Police and law enforcement agencies use this number to trace criminals. 
How to find the IMEI number of your phone – 
  • When you purchase your phone, your IMEI number is given with the bill. 
  • If the IMEI number is not given then you can remove your phone back cover and remove the battery. You will find IMEI number there. 
  • You can dial *#06#. It will show you your IMEI number. 
  • You can even go in about us section in mobile settings and get your IMEI number. 

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