List of storage devices 10 examples of storage devices types

List of storage devices

What is Storage Devices : In computing, storage device is a hardware which can store data and files. In the storage devices, information or data can be stored temporarily or permanently. Generally there are two type of Storage Devices exist -Primary Storage devices and Secondary storage device. These Storage devices can be internal or external for computing devices. 

List of storage devices

List of storage devices

List of Storage Devices : 

A. Primary Storage Devices : 

  1. RAM
  2. Cache

B. Secondary Storage Devices : This can be internal or external storage devices. 

  1. Magnetic storage devices : Floppy diskette, Magnetic strip, Tape cassette, Hard Drives, Zip diskette
  2. Optical storage devices : CD-ROM Disc, Blu-ray Disc, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) drives, 
  3. Flash memory devices:  USB drives, flash drive, thumb drive, Memory card, Memory stick, SSD 
  4. Online and cloud:  Cloud storage, Network media
  5. Paper storage: OMR, Punch card

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