How to Start a Blog on Blogger -Creating a Blog on Blogspot

blog kaise banaye :How to Start a Blog on Blogger-  Blogger Getting Started Guide

Blog kaise banaye: Before we start “creating a blog” steps or discuss blogger Getting Started Guide, lets know what is Blogger. Blogger is a Online service which allow user to publish multi-user blogs. Google owned it which was developed by Pyra Labs (launched in 1999). Google bought from Pyra labs in 2003. 

 Step -1 – Type URL on your web browser. and sign in with your google account. If you do not have blogger account sign up a new account. 

 Step -2 – Once you login into the blogger account, you will see New Blog option in the left. Click here to start – see below – 

Blogger Getting Started Guide
Step – 3 – Now in next box – Choose a suitable title, Name and Template (Design) for blog and click “Create Blog”- See below – 
How to Start a Blog on Blogger

Step – 4 –  You are done with basic template with default settings – Now you can start posting your items and pages from different available options. See below – 


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