How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

Change Custom Domain Name for My Blog , Setup Custom Domain Name in Blogger

Setup Custom Domain Name : This is very much possible that you use blogspot domain name e.g and later on you wanted to use your custom domain name. Your own custom domain name looks professional and easy to remember for users. Here, we are sharing tips to change blogspot sub domain name to your own professional custom domain name – See below – 
Step 1 – Go to your blog dashboard and then Settings on the bottom -> Basic Tab. Now under Publishing section, see your blogspot name and click on “set up a third-party URL for your blog” – 
Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger
Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

Step 2 –  Now enter your custom domain name (with www) follow Step 3. 

custom domain name in blogger
Set up a Custom Domain Name in Blogger
Step 3- It will prompt an error and also show you two CNAMEs. Each CNAMEs has two parts – one is “Name/Label/Host Name” and second is “Destination/Target/Points to”.  First CNAME is same for every blogspot user but second CNAME is unique for every user as it is linked to your google account and blog. It is giving you an error because you have not linked your custom domain with google blogger hosting. Now you need to go to your Domain Provider and find DNS settings option. Under DNS settings add two CNAME given by blogspot.
Once you add these CNAMEs on your domain registrar or domain name provider, click save. Now it will save without any error. 
Setup Custom Domain Name
Step 4 – See above – If you want to open your website without www, this will not open until you will select above option (redirect to 

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