What is an email address mean give an example

Email Address 

For thousands of years, the biggest need for all the people of the world has been to deliver their message from one place to another, whether it is related to business or any personal work, but people have been using different ways to get their message from one place to another. Until a few years ago, this method was only manual which was used to send and receive messages from one address to another but now many communication channels have come, like mobile phones, internet video calls, email etc. Click here to read Email address in Hindi

What is an email address mean give an example

What is an email address mean 

Out of the entire communication medium, the email medium is of the same kind as post office. Old mailing system (manual) was very slow and unreliable. Since the technology has been hand-held by the people, now sending messages has become very easy and now people can access any message in few seconds using the email with the internet. 

Email Address is a Unique ID – Destination Unique address is the common thing between old and new mail system. Like in old post office mailing services, this new technology has also unique ID that allows you to easily send and receive your message from one place to another with the help of Internet. 

Any email address has two parts – First part contain your own ID (which you can decide or create based on availability) and second part is domain name. First and second parts are connected with each other with @. Like – amit@yahoo.com, Amit is the first part of the email and “yahoo.com” domain name is the second part. The second part of the email address, which is a domain-part, is the email service provider company name. Such as “gmail.com” or “yahoo.com

You must first go to any domain service to mail somebody, such as if you want to create your email address at “gmail.com“, then you must type “gmail.com” by going to your computer or mobile browser and there you can create a new account.

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