Disable delete hiberfil.sys in windows 7 / 8.1

How to  disable or delete hiberfil.sys on windows 7 / 8.1 

hiberfil.sys file is related to hibernation so if you do not need hibernation you can delete hiberfil.sys file by disabling with a simple window command – 
Follow these steps: – 
Step 1- 
Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box. 
Right-click Command Prompt, and then select Run as Administrator option.
Step 2 –
At the command prompt, type 
:> powercfg.exe /hibernate off 
then press Enter.
disable or delete hiberfil.sys on windows 7
delete or disable hiberfil.sys on windows 7

This will remove hiberfil.sys file and disable hibernation on your machine. If you want to enable hibernation again Click here…

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