What are the different types of printers? Printer List advantages functions

Classification of printers list

Types of printers and their advantages : Printer is an output device used to convert computer soft copy to hard copy (or on to page).

printers list

printers list

Type of Printers – 

  1. Impact Printers List: These printer uses strike component in the printer so that it can produce image or text on the paper. This is the reason they make sound when printing. It uses hammer or pins to strike on the paper. 
    1. Line Printers
    2. Dot Matrix Printers
    3. Daisy Wheel Printers
    4. Drum Printers
    5. Chain Printer
    6. Band Printers
    7. Golf Ball Printers
  2. Non-Impact Printers List: These printer do not use strike component in the printer to produce text on the paper. This is the reason they dont make sound and they are quieter compare to Impact printer. 
    1. Ink Jet Printer
    2. Laser Printer
    3. Thermal Printer

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