What is Software definition in computer | Type of software with example

What is Computer Software definition

We all know that computer is made of Hardware. To assemble a computer, different parts of Hardware like Hard disk, RAM, Motherboard, CPU etc are used. But who manages all these hardware parts and how do they all work. Who gives them instructions to work separately. Well, the answer is Software. Software manages all these hardware parts and helps them to perform required task. Click here to read Computer Software in Hindi . 
what is software definition and examples

What is software definition

Software Definition: Software is the collection of instructions which helps users to interact with computers and Hardware and also helps users to perform their tasks. Without software, the computers are a dead electronic device which is unable to work themselves. Until there will be operating software, no work can not accomplish on a computer. Computer need to have software for every task i.e if one has to do any information search on the internet then browser software is required, MS Office like MS Word, Excel etc can be used to perform date editing and storage tasks. So software mean a set of instructions that can manage any device and help in performing required task. 

To make a computer software one should have the knowledge of programming language. These programming codes can be machine level code or high-level codes. If your focus is on the machine or hardware then you must know the machine level code but if you are focusing on user application then you can use high-level code. 
Software vs Hardware – 
The software is a general term for various programmes and applications. Likewise, Hardware is also used as a term for various parts of the computer. You can only feel a software and see it on the screen but not touch it but you can see feel and touch the hardware. 
Types of Software – Application and System software
Application Software – It is also known as application productivity programs or end-user programs as they are designed on the base of user’s requirement and are used to fulfill specific tasks and goals of users like creating documents, spreadsheets, database, email programme, playing games etc. The work can be small to big according to requirement. Just like calculator application to complex word processing. 
Examples of Application Software – 
1. MS Word
2. DBMS Software
3. Web Browsers – IE Chrome 
4. Games Software 
5. CAD/CAM Software
System software – This software can directly be installed on computers hardware and can be adapted to users needs according to functionality. This works as a middle layer between Hardware and user Application. 
Examples of System software – 
1.Operating System
2. Device Drivers 

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