How to check which windows operating system i have | command line

Ways to Find out Windows Operating System Version from command

If you want to find out what version of Windows you are using or running on your machine, you can use given commands and they will let you know currently installed Operating system. Here we are listing few commands but you can also check windows version from different graphical ways. Commands always perform faster compare to other methods so use them to know which OS you are running on your machine – 

Click Start – > Type cmd and open command prompt. Once command prompt opened you can try given command to check OS – 

  1. winver : When you run this command, it will open pop up window and display the windows version, build number and Service Pack.

winver command windows version

2 ver : This will show installed window Name and version.

3 wmic os get Caption : It will display OS version.

4. systeminfo : It will display a lot of information i.e. system name, windows version, RAM, Page file, window directory, boot device, windows install date, registered owner and many more. 

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