Activate or change Product Key Windows 7 8 SLUI Command

SLUI Command – How to Change or activate Product Key in Windows 7 or 8

SLUI Command : विंडोज 7 and विंडोज 8 मे प्रोडक्ट key को चेंज करने के लिए या विंडोज को activate करने के लिए माइक्रोसॉफ्ट की यूटिलिटी SLUI.exe use की जा सकती है | क्लिक स्टार्ट button in windows and टाइप SLUI.exe command on run – 

SLUI.exe 1 ( by default) – It start activation online with already entered key, if already activated then give current status.
SLUI.exe 2 – It gives you option to activate windows – see below –
SLUI.exe 2 window activation - SLUI Command

 slui.exe 3 – Change product key and activate window-


slui.exe 3 change product key activation SLUI Command
slui.exe 3 change product key and activate
slui.exe 4 Phone activation

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